iTunes connection Solutions

Having problems connecting to the iTunes Store? Having problem authorizing your computer to play music? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then read on for the solutions to fix each problem. First if you have not, try my first possible solution to error 9808 following this link. If that solution does not do the trick for you then follow along for another solution. First close iTunes if you have it open right now. I have moved this blog and the rest of this article to here. Sorry for the inconvenience.


~ by soccerislife8 on February 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “iTunes connection Solutions”

  1. I had a similar issue w/Itunes not being able to connect, but my web browser was able to access the internet. iTunes kept complaining about “no active internet connection”. I’m running Vista w/ multiple users, as well as Norton AV. The culprit was Norton. The users are set up as Admin and Standard. I have Parental Controls turned on in both Vista as well as Norton. Admin users had no problems connecting to iTunes. Standard users would get the error. I had to go to Norton’s Personal Firewall and add the program “iTunes Helper.exe” and set the option to “Allowed” (“iTunes.exe should already be in the Allowed category.) in order for the standard users to be able to connect. Problem solved. Since Norton AV is a common program out there, I thought I would post this.

  2. Thank you for your tip. I’m sure it will help many Norton users.

  3. Thx

  4. I just checked my McAfee settings and iTuneHelper.exe was in there with full access. Any other ideas? I turned off my wireless security settings and the internet is working fine, until iTunes is started.

  5. have you tried the stuff suggested in the itunes 9808 article? that might help and also you can try uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. That has been known to solve many problems.

  6. so i know what the problem is. it is definitely the “server certificate revocation” box in Internet Explorer under advanced settings. i know this, because I uninstalled Norton and was able to uncheck the box without it automatically resetting to the default setting everytime i closed out IE.
    so i sucessfully downloaded music with no errors. then i re-installed Norton Internet Security 2008, and the error message 9808 was back. so i went in to uncheck Server Certificate Revocation box, but it wouldn’t stay unchecked. I hit apply, ok, and closed out the advanced settings dialog box thinking I was good. but for some reason, the settings don’t stay applied. i can’t figure out the issue, but I know Norton is playing a role in this. I tried disabling norton, and then unchecking the box, but no dice. i then re-installed itunes, but no dice. I’m just trying to figure out why the box won’t stay unchecked when i close out advanced settings.

  7. Matt–I’m sure that’s the SAME problem I am having!! Please post if you find something to resolve the uncheck that doesn’t stay unchecked!

  8. Has anyone found a solution to the Server certificate revocation box not staying unchecked after rebooting. I have tried just about everything with no success 😦

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